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Spinal Health: a Functional Perspective

Consider the role that spinal flexibility plays in sports

As more and more people discover the rewards reaped from the pursuit of sports, they also start asking how they can maximize their performance and hence enjoyment from these activities.

Whether we are wanting to improve on our golf swing, run with greater ease, ride the bike for longer and faster, or step up our skiing, a healthy spine is a requirement, not an option.
If one wonders what having a healthy spine means, one of the first things to consider is function: Is your spine stiff and inflexible from too many hours at the computer or sitting in the car? Are you also dehydrated? Does each vertebra flex back and forth through their full range of motion?

Many do not realize that stiffness in the spine is not usually caused by tight musculature. The tight musculature is often a reaction to underlying spinal stiffness. Imagine this: If you were a muscle and your job was to move and bend the spine back and forth, would you not be over-worked if the bones you were trying to move were stiff and rigid? That's right! The muscles have to work much harder in these cases and hence if one merely massages them they will only temporarily relax. As soon as they start work again they will tense up because the underlying joints are not moving freely.
This is one more reason why as chiropractors we focus on restoring optimal function and balance to the spine.

Consider the benefits of periodic adjustments to prevent injuries and to facilitate optimal function in your sport today!

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